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    Testing and tagging in Mount Gambier 

    As a homeowner, your priority is to keep your place protected from unwanted dangers, risks, and injuries. If you are a business owner, your concern should be the protection of your workers and employees. There are laws also in every province about the safety and security of a workplace. If you can create a safe work environment, your workers will work more efficiently without the fear of dangers, injuries, and fire. A positive and healthy environment certainly helps your business to expand.

    The safety starts from the electrical system, whether it is your home or business. At Eden-Grace Electrical, we are a team of licensed and proficient electrical contractors who have been offering their testing and tagging skills to ensure that all your electrical appliances are working properly and efficiently with no inner faults that can cause accidents and fire. To safeguard your family workers, suppliers, visitors, and customers, hire the best testing and tagging in Mount Gambier services with the Eden-Grace Electrical team.

    Our service technicians are well-equipped and professional. Call them for testing and tagging your residential or commercial appliances and electrical devices any time you want. They will check all electrical equipment very sincerely and present you with the right report. Electrical risks are very common in offices, residences, and commercial places. Without testing and tagging, you have open risks of accidents, injuries, and even deaths. To avoid risks and create a healthy atmosphere in your home and business, call our licensed and experienced testing and tagging technicians in Mount Gambier

    Testing and tagging

    Our testing and tagging services include:

    • Fire protection testing
    • Checking all electrical equipment
    • Testing of home appliances like the microwave oven
    • Testing of faulty installation
    • Testing and tagging of RCD switches, lights, and fire extinguisher
    • Electrical earth of all power points and more

    Update your electrical appliances and keep your place safer than ever with our certified testing and tagging in Mount Gambier services.