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    Experienced Commercial Electrician Services

    Commercial electrical projects require smart planning, careful execution, and quality control. At Eden Grace Electrical, we provide licensed commercial electrician services in Mount Gambier for installing, upgrading, and repairing electrical issues in your business place. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with big commercial services successfully. Ensure optimum efficiency and safety of your employees with our skilled electricians. We give solutions for all commercial projects for factories, workshops, offices, stores, garages, and more.

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Whether you are building a new commercial premise or you are upgrading the existing one, we offer premium quality commercial air-conditioning installation in Mount Gambier, ensuring safety. Our technicians are licensed and trained. If you have split or ducted air conditioning devices to install at your business place, we offer top-class air-conditioning installation services for any brand or system. Our commercial air-conditioning installing ensures:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Reliable, trained, and certified electricians
    • Transparent pricing
    • Industry-leading guarantee
    • On-demand service
    • Post-installation maintenance

    Smoke-alarm Installation

    When you are a business owner, ensure that you have enough smoke alarms at your workplace. Not only your responsibility includes protecting your assets, employees, and commercial property, but you should prevent other dangers like fire. Therefore, commercial smoke-alarm installation is one of the very crucial jobs for your business. According to the size and type of business, we determine the smoke-alarm installation procedure that gives you optimal solutions and efficacy. As a business owner, you want to invest in smoke alarms with rich properties like early warning, minimal loss, and optimum safety of your staff in case of fire. The commercial fire system is complicated. So, it needs skills of the highest level and years of experience. At Eden Grace Electrical, we have certified and proficient technicians for smoke-alarm installation and repair in commercial sectors. Our technicians use the latest technology and equipment to make your commercial place protected from dangers like fire.

    Testing and Tagging

    Testing and tagging are immensely important in commercial places. This procedure ensures that every electrical device is perfectly functional and there is no risk of electrical shock from devices, cords, and sockets. For testing and tagging in Mount Gambier, we have professional electricians who inspect the appliances in your business place and detect damages. It minimizes the risk of electrical hazards that can cause damage to your commercial property and prevent fire. Our electricians use advanced testing tools and equipment to repair the damage. We have licensed electrical contractors to complete the process. Our service includes the following procedures: Physical inspection Identify external damages Insulation tests Earth circuit test Functionality test Leakage test Identify faulty accessories, plugs or socket outlets Inspect supply cords Identify exposed cords to avoid accidental hazards Inspect power boards

    Commercial Data Work

    Electricity is not the only concern of business entities, but data and communication is the most significant part to maintain connectivity and communication. Without perfect phone lines and a data cabling system, no business can flourish successfully. If you are looking for top-grade commercial data work service in Mount Gambier, Eden Grace Electrical is your ultimate destination. We provide end-to-end services, including consultation, design, installation, and project management for completing the data network and cabling system successfully. We have skilled and certified technicians who will make your communication system strong and long-lasting by providing top-class data work in Mount Gambier. From cabling to rewiring, getting your phone lines, and internet networking, we provide you with seamless data work services.